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Alley Oop


Alley Oop is a syndicated comic strip, created in 1932 by American cartoonist V. T. Hamlinwho wrote and created the popular comic for Newspaper Enterprise Association. Hamlin introduced an engaging cast of characters, and his storylines entertained with a combination of adventure, fantasy and humor.

Alley Oop, the strip's title character, was a sturdy citizen in the prehistoric kingdom of Moo. He rode his pet dinosaur, Dinny, carried a stone war hammer and wore nothing but a fur loincloth. He would rather fight dinosaurs in the jungle than deal with his fellow countrymen in Moo's capital (and only) cave-town. In spite of these exotic settings, the stories were often satires of American suburban life.


Author:  V. T. Hamlin
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Launch date:  December 5, 1932
Syndicate(s):  King Features Syndicate
Publisher(s):  WhitmanKitchen Sink Press 
Genre(s):  Humor
ILC Archive:  Alley Oop Images


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